Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Sad Goodbye

As you might have noticed “Scrying the Fantastic” has not been updated in a while, which for a blog that posts timely accounts of the newest releases is never a good sign. Alas, this is one of those ‘we need to talk’ posts. And we do need to talk, dear readers. First of all, thank you for reading, sticking around and following the blog. We appreciate your support in these early stages, but “Scrying the Fantastic” will no longer be updated.

The Justice League of Bloggers has disbanded. Ominous and sad, but what can one do, when life happens. Shortly after we started, several of our teammates needed to step down, because they had to take care of things off-line. Because time runs short and almost everyone has his or her blog and commitments online, we couldn’t properly organize and fill in the gaps. Soon we were faced with the tough decision to forge on [stumbling, teetering and what not] or just admit that the timing was not right and we had not planned for life and its guerilla tactics.  

As summer creeps on and the individual to-do lists accumulate mass, we were forced to take on the second option. Yeah, it sucks. We had plans and ambitions. We also didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but alas as the [censored] poet says ‘crap happens’.

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